Online Business Secrets, Opportunities, and Ideas

The main secret of successful Online Business is – “Web Traffic”

The more web traffic you attract towards your online business, the more sales it will generate and thus the more Income. Internet is all about the game of how many eyeballs you attract towards your web property.

Now, every product that is available on the Internet about “Online Business Secrets” revolves around the core principle of How to attract more web traffic towards your website. Well, there are 2 ways to attract web traffic towards your websites and these are;

01) Unique & Quality Content / product &
02) Internet Marketing

Quality content will keep your readers / customers coming back to your blog / website.

Here are few strategies that I personally use to market this Blog and its content. However, there are several other strategies. You can try as many as you want.

– Facebook Marketing
– Twitter Marketing
– Orkut
– Social Media (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon)
– Articles Marketing (EzineArticles)
– Google AdWords
– Facebook Fan Page
– Word of Mouth

The above tactics are secrets for successful Online Business. Now, you can call it “secrets” if you want. But believe me, anything that you buy online or offline regarding this thing revolves around this same basic principle.

Online Business Opportunities

Internet is the great Business & Investment Opportunity. Many Entrepreneurs are doing their Businesses online now and many Investors around the world are investing in Web Properties (Online Assets) such as Websites, Blogs, Forums, Social Networks & many other kind of web properties.

Unlike traditional offline assets such as stocks, bonds, gold, and real estate, Online assets appreciate much faster and give you much better ROI (Return On Investment) than the offline assets.

There are several Online Business Opportunities. You can grab these opportunities and become very wealthy in your twenties and early thirties if you want. Here are some hottest online business opportunities.

– Blogging
– Forums
– e-Commerce Website
– Dating Websites
– Social Networks
– Social Media Sites (Like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon & Reditt)
– Articles Directories (EzineArticles)
– Video Directories (YouTube)
– eBay Shop
– Job Market places (Elance, GetAFreeLancer)
– Matrimonial Websites
– Real Estate Websites (Market place for Real Estate)
– Market Place for Web Properties (Flippa & SitePoint)
– And many more!

These are just the few most popular business opportunities online. Believe me, there are hundreds of Online Business Opportunities like this.

Due to these kinds of Online money making opportunities, many High School going teens from all around the world are also owning their own successful online Businesses and are making more money than Doctors!

That being said, I am not exaggerating these things. Many high school going teens all around the world are making more money than Doctors, from their Successful Online Businesses. So anyone can take advantage of these business opportunities online and make their fortunes in twenties and thirties.

What I advise to youngster that, Start your own Online Business as early as possible in your life means NOW…!!!! Because the more early you will start your Business, more early it will grow and more early you will become rich and financially free.

I advise Online Business opportunities to some of my friends. They understand the process, but unfortunately, they fail to take any action to start their own Internet Business.

So take Action NOW & start thinking of money making niches (opportunities) by developing a successful online business.

Best Online Business Ideas

After the birth of the Internet, Everything is online now. You can now start your Business Online in the Virtual Space and make much more money than the traditional real life brick and mortar business.

The Best thing about the Online Business is that you can target the whole world and it works 24/7 even without your presence. You cannot run a traditional Businesses by day and night. But you can run an Online Business even while you sleep or travel the world.

Here are some Best Online Business Ideas. After reading these Ideas, you will get a fair idea about which kind of Business you should start.

01) Blog Business –
This is one of the best online business ideas. Here you start a blog in any Niche and start posting quality and unique content on that blog. Over the time, you develop a readership and a community around your blog and start making money from it. Many Professional Bloggers from all around the world are making literally 6 figure Incomes every year from their Blogging Businesses.

The Best thing about a Blog Business is that you can apply multiple Income streams on a single blog such as Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored events, Paid reviews… etc…

02) Website Flipping –
This is the hottest Business Opportunity on the Internet. Many people around the world develop a profitable website / blog business out of scratch and later on sell it for literally thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Developing a profitable Website requires hours and hours of mind labor and not everyone can develop a profitable web business.

03) eBay Shop –
Another great Online Business Idea is an eBay shop. You can open your eBay shop within minutes and start selling anything from 20,000+ product categories. eBay is world’s largest online market place which has 200 Million active users every month.

04) Discussion Forums –
You can also install vBulletin Forums on your web host and start a Discussion Forum under any Niche. The Best part about the Discussion Forums is that, once it has sufficient number of users, it can run and grow even without your presence. That’s because people who discuss topics on your Forum are creating FREE Content for you and thus, you can enjoy a steady and growing passive income without you working hard behind the forum. Of course, initially you have to work hard to market your Forum well.

05) Articles Directory –
This is also a great Online Business Idea. Here you launch an Article Directory and people from all around the world will post a Free, unique and creative content for you. Articles Directories also run and grow without your presence. All you have to do is Cash out the checks.

Sooooooooooooo, all of the above are great Online Business Ideas. What I advise you to do, rather than searching for more business ideas, you start taking Action. You just start any of the above Online Business Ideas, Grow it sufficiently, then put it on Autopilot by hiring more staff and shift to another project.

How You Can Turnaround Your European Business

CEOs and CFOs often feel like they are following in the footsteps of Don Quixote when they try to restructure business operations in Europe. In theory, the formula for a restructuring in Europe is the same as the US – control cash, adjust pricing, renegotiate contracts, reduce employees, eliminate poorly performing divisions or products, accelerate collection efforts and restructure the balance sheet. In practice, implementing those actions in Europe can seem like an impossible dream.

Too often, European management or advisors will raise an unending series of roadblocks and reasons as to why they cannot implement change. To complicate matters, when they do decide to act, they often lack the urgency demanded by the deteriorating situation. A half-hearted or botched attempt at a turnaround can further cripple the business, alienate customers and demoralize employees.

To create lasting change in a distressed European business, turnaround efforts must go beyond goal setting and conference calls with European management asking for progress reports. The initial focus should be:

1) getting complete buy in from ALL the stakeholders your company and
2) retaining operationally skilled turnaround managers that have experience with the business and legal challenges of Europe.

All turnaround professionals know that getting buy-in from stakeholders is the most difficult part of any turnaround. In addition to insuring that internal company constituencies are aligned with the restructuring goals, substantial effort must be made to insure that shareholders, lenders, employees, vendors and, most importantly, customers, understand and embrace the turnaround plan.Finding a manager who can trim expenses or improve a specific process is not terribly difficult. Finding an operationally gifted manager who can quickly envision and produce dramatic, enterprise-wide improvements in Europe can be. Companies that lack someone with this skill set should recruit from outside. Whether hiring a full time employee or a turnaround expert, you should look for an experienced hands-on manager who can document strong operational results in situations in which he or she personally led the restructuring efforts. The 3 keys to a successful European turnaround are:

1. An effective management and financial control system,
2. a comprehensive employee plan and
3. cross-Atlantic business alignment.

Developing and implementing a carefully crafted management and financial control system is critical to the long-term success of an operational restructuring. An effective management control system begins with written strategic and operational plans that are specifically designed for your European business. It must go beyond ordinary financial controls and include clear ownership for revenue generation, new organizational charts and job responsibilities with no operational holes, procedures for measuring activities and results, accountability and reward systems that encourage employees to act in the best interests of the company.

This management and financial control plan should not go on your bookshelf to get dusty. It must be continually communicated throughout the organization until it is embraced as the centerpiece of the new structure of the business.

In Europe, things work differently. You can’t layoff employees easily. If a decision has been made to terminate employees of a European business operation-perhaps in connection with an overall workforce reduction or a plant closing-careful consideration must be given to applicable laws in all jurisdictions, which can vary widely and differ substantially from U.S. laws.

Although the United States subscribes to the idea of employment at will, most European countries do not. Generally, U.S. employees can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all. In contrast, the statutes in many European countries afford employees significant protection from termination, regardless of whether they are union workers or not. Employers often cannot terminate an employee without citing reasons enumerated in local regulations. Virtually, all countries require that severance or similar payments be made to terminated employees, in some cases for a year or more.

Any European employment strategy must be designed to insure that the employees that are critical to insuring the future success of the business are not only retained, but given the tools and incentives to succeed. Naturally, a restructuring creates stress and anxiety in an organization. The fact that most of the decisions are being made in the US, often create a sense of impotence amongst European employees. It is important to confront that problem by having open and constant communication between the turnaround manager and the European employees. With dogged persistence, you can turn the tide and eventually get the local employees to support the goals of the turnaround (and understand the consequences of failure).Developing or maintaining a harmonized global business strategy is difficult during a turnaround. If you add the complexities of multiple countries, cultures and languages, the challenge can be monumental.

Executives facing an operational turnaround often develop the plan to align their global strategy in the US and then leave it to the local country management to implement it. This can be a big mistake!

In some instances, the local management created the problem in the first place and are not prepared to solve it. If the US parent is leading the company’ restructuring plan, then you should have US turnaround managers leading the reorganization efforts of your struggling European subsidairies. This seems obvious, but in our experience it is rarely done – which is part of the reason so many US executives get so frustrated with the pace and results of European turnaround efforts.

It’s a fact. Successfully completing an operational turnaround of your European subsidiaries is harder than restructuring your US operations. In Europe, it takes more imagination and persistence – two things that Don Quixote knew well.

Tenders in the European Union

The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) provides tenders information for businesses throughout Europe. The OJEU superseded the Official Journal of the European Community in 1993 with the establishment of the European Union, and in 1997 it ended its printed journal and became fully digitized. The OJEU lists all tenders over the EU-established limit – under EU Directives, all European contract tenders above £101,000 (central government) and £156,000 (local government)have to be published in the OJEU, and it now provides 2,500 new notices every week and 160,000 tender invitations every year. Depending on when Irish is required, the OJEU is published in 22 or 23 languages five days a week on working days. It is the responsibility of the Publications Office of the European Union.The OJEU was started to complement the European market, and it has been an integral help to many in business. It has helped the market remain strong and open, fostering positive industry competition. Businesses use the journal constantly to find tenders for continued work, some even citing it as a necessity to their successful business practice. It is a practical supplement to many businesses, and for some even an irreplaceable cornerstone of their companies.

The OJEU provides this economic benefit through tender listings and related information for businesses across numerous industries. The OJEU provides legislation information covering government departments, educational organisations, NHS Trusts, and others. The OJEU tenders list is very broad, including public-sector organisations in all EU states, utility companies, and the European Development Fund. Each tender must list specific information, such as the arrangements’ breadth of use, specific procedures required, and current and future imperatives. The OJEU seeks to provide a thorough yet still practical resource for business tenders.

OJEU tenders and listing are available through providers such as Tendermatch, an online tenders resource. The site contains numerous categories for sectors and regions of all kinds. The tenders can be searched, and members can flag categories for notification when new tenders are listed. As well as all of the OJEU tenders, Tendermatch also lists UK and Irish contracts that are below the OJEU threshold, so it is an important for resource for small businesses, for whom contracts above the threshold are not always realistic targets.A great deal of the European business world depends on the OJEU. Businesses yearly find thousands of tenders that would have been impossible to locate otherwise, prompting some businesses to claim the OJEU as integral to their company. The journal has been a significant industry aid since its beginning, and after utilizing the advancements available online, it has become even more accessible and up-to-date. The OJEU is a practical, important resource for companies, growing from a business convenience to a business keystone throughout Europe.