Making The Most Of Wall Murals

Designers, home owners, and commercial building owners have thousands and thousands of mural options to order online. These murals can add interest and color to any wall. Once an appropriate mural design is chosen, it is up to the customer to use it to best advantage. Choose the best wall and then take the time to properly prepare it for wallpaper. Don’t hide the mural with bookcases, large pieces of furniture, or other distractions.

What Type Of Images Are Available

The many images available are grouped in categories such as sunsets and beaches, sports images, underwater images, city scenes, and more. Image categories also include forest scenes, world maps, Disney characters and movie scenes, animals, black and white images, abstract designs, food images, and textural designs such as wood or brick. In addition to these images, a person can upload their own images to be turned into a wallpaper mural.

Choosing And Preparing The Wall

The wall chosen for a wallpaper mural should be free of openings and built in storage units. The wall should be a rectangle rather than an odd shape. Very large walls should have an open unbroken area for a mural. Once the wall is chosen, it should be repaired and primed to present a smooth surface to install the mural on. All furniture and other obstructions should be moved away from the wall to make installation easier.

Decorating The Whole Room

The mural should be the main decor element in a room. Once the time and money have been invested in installing a mural, do not bury it behind tall furniture and clutter. The other walls should be painted a color that coordinates with the mural background. Upholstery and accent pillows should echo colors found in the mural. Wood or metal furniture and accent pieces should be chosen to coordinate with the design and color pallet of the mural. The flooring, window treatments, and wall trim should coordinate with the mural color scheme.

The mural itself should be chosen carefully to reflect the home or building owner’s tastes or decorating theme. The murals come with installation materials and instructions to follow. Carefully install the mural to get the most decor benefit. More information on murals is available on the website.