Tenders in the European Union

The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) provides tenders information for businesses throughout Europe. The OJEU superseded the Official Journal of the European Community in 1993 with the establishment of the European Union, and in 1997 it ended its printed journal and became fully digitized. The OJEU lists all tenders over the EU-established limit – under EU Directives, all European contract tenders above £101,000 (central government) and £156,000 (local government)have to be published in the OJEU, and it now provides 2,500 new notices every week and 160,000 tender invitations every year. Depending on when Irish is required, the OJEU is published in 22 or 23 languages five days a week on working days. It is the responsibility of the Publications Office of the European Union.The OJEU was started to complement the European market, and it has been an integral help to many in business. It has helped the market remain strong and open, fostering positive industry competition. Businesses use the journal constantly to find tenders for continued work, some even citing it as a necessity to their successful business practice. It is a practical supplement to many businesses, and for some even an irreplaceable cornerstone of their companies.

The OJEU provides this economic benefit through tender listings and related information for businesses across numerous industries. The OJEU provides legislation information covering government departments, educational organisations, NHS Trusts, and others. The OJEU tenders list is very broad, including public-sector organisations in all EU states, utility companies, and the European Development Fund. Each tender must list specific information, such as the arrangements’ breadth of use, specific procedures required, and current and future imperatives. The OJEU seeks to provide a thorough yet still practical resource for business tenders.

OJEU tenders and listing are available through providers such as Tendermatch, an online tenders resource. The site contains numerous categories for sectors and regions of all kinds. The tenders can be searched, and members can flag categories for notification when new tenders are listed. As well as all of the OJEU tenders, Tendermatch also lists UK and Irish contracts that are below the OJEU threshold, so it is an important for resource for small businesses, for whom contracts above the threshold are not always realistic targets.A great deal of the European business world depends on the OJEU. Businesses yearly find thousands of tenders that would have been impossible to locate otherwise, prompting some businesses to claim the OJEU as integral to their company. The journal has been a significant industry aid since its beginning, and after utilizing the advancements available online, it has become even more accessible and up-to-date. The OJEU is a practical, important resource for companies, growing from a business convenience to a business keystone throughout Europe.